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Truth is What Government Experts Say it is

December 19, 2010 by


After a 65 million dollar payoff to the University of Maryland, a study comes out claiming that those who disagree with pronouncements of the Ministry of Truth are misinformed. The “Ministry of Truth” in this case includes economists and other experts who work for the government. Those who could not predict, regulate away, or fix […]

A Brief History of U.S. Education Subsidies

December 16, 2010 by


Having read George’s well-reasoned article on Why Education Subsidies Should Cease, I would like to approach the matter from a slightly different perspective.  This fetish of “universal education” is founded on a big myth, that being the necessity of attending college in order to acquire job-related skills. Historically, this idea is relatively new.  For example, […]

The Infrastructure Debate; How Bailouts Destroy American Ingenuity

December 11, 2010 by


Federal, State, and Local government have been working together, in recent days, to create what they think we cannot create on our own: infrastructure.  The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act is an example of this type of thinking at the Federal level.  I argue in this case study that not only are these interventions unnecessary, […]

Shut Up And Take It: We Can Steal From You, But Don’t Rally For It Back!!!

October 29, 2010 by


Leave it to big government Republicans and big government Democrats to make the claim that those who benefit from government looting should vote, en masse, for those who passed the bills. All soldiers should vote for warmongers, welfare cases should vote for progressives, farmers should vote for protectionists, unions should vote for whomever. If there is an interest group there is a bureaucrat stealing from the productive to give to the unproductive in the hopes that the productive members of society are in small enough quantity to be marginalized into oblivion come Election Day.