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Atlas Shrugged Rocking Out!

April 17, 2011


So, I’m really just going to link back to the blog I am writing at more at this point in time. Atlas Shrugged Movie Review Atlas Shrugged is expanding! and… a Chronology of Music I’ve Obsessed over If you read this.. please post these posts wherever you can.  Trying to drive my traffic up to […]

Dishonest Marxist Claims About Austrian Economics

April 4, 2011


Full Article Published Here In an attempt to refute the ideas behind Austrian Economics, a Marxist website (no hyperbole here), stooped to the level of blatant intellectual dishonesty in order to dissuade people from one viewpoint and proselytize them to their own. This deception was so glaring and obvious that I felt compelled to stop […]

Indiana is an Anarchist State!!

February 27, 2011


Well, not really.  The administrative bureaucracy is still at work here in Indiana so the expected increase in productivity that would come with the taxing chains of government being lifted hasn’t been realized.  However, Democrats are being much more heroic than they know by leaving the state to stop legislation.  Sure, the legislation they are […]

Accolades Facebook!

February 6, 2011


Facebook is a company that is valued at 25 billion dollars. It has a huge piece of economic pie. With all of that accumulated wealth they have achieved, one would expect there to be riots in the street. These riots would be caused by the unfair command of resources that facebook has come to possess. […]

Top 10 2010 Blog Posts

January 1, 2011


I think number one is number one for a good reason.  When I started blogging I had to look no further than Indiana to find that cops were abusing their power over everyone.  When we see the direct abuse over children the argument for our current system of law enforcement deteriorates dramatically.  The “sea of […]

Mao Rebel News!!! How Rebellious is Supporting Dictatorship?

December 20, 2010


Watching the diatribes of a bearded Canadian Mao Zedong supporter on Youtube has been, up until now, a secret form of entertainment for me. In his more recent videos this fellow wears a black hat and black shirt with a pin affixed to it bearing the profile of Mao’s face on it. He calls his […]

Truth is What Government Experts Say it is

December 19, 2010


After a 65 million dollar payoff to the University of Maryland, a study comes out claiming that those who disagree with pronouncements of the Ministry of Truth are misinformed. The “Ministry of Truth” in this case includes economists and other experts who work for the government. Those who could not predict, regulate away, or fix […]