Indiana is an Anarchist State!!

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Well, not really.  The administrative bureaucracy is still at work here in Indiana so the expected increase in productivity that would come with the taxing chains of government being lifted hasn’t been realized.  However, Democrats are being much more heroic than they know by leaving the state to stop legislation.  Sure, the legislation they are attempting to stop has to do with “competition” in education, and other anti-union legislation, but a great service is being done for Indiana by keeping them away.  If we could only make this a trend!

How much would taxpayers have to pay politicians in order to keep them away?  I’m sure there is some public choice analysis on the cost and benefits of paying politicians to do nothing (and the benefits society would receive as a result).  If we could pay all Indiana politicians to cozy up in Comfort Inns, in Illinois, or to just stay home, think of the amazing benefits that will come to economic participants in Indiana who will be imbued with much more certainty than an acting legislative body could ever bestow.

Certainty is certainly important as economist Bob Higgs points out in Regime Uncertainty.  With the amount of laws we currently have, it’ll be difficult to ever be certain about which actions are legal and which actions are illegal.  At least no new laws coming into existence would allow for some semblance of certainty.  Enforcement habits could establish more certainty over time without enforcement directives coming from the legislative and executive branches as a result of new laws.

Right now it is impossible to freely associate with people without permission granted by the state.  This is a given that people can handle though not ideal for good consequences.  Don’t root for the return of the Democrats… root for them to take up residence elsewhere.  Root for a permanent end to this legislative stupidity.

What are the dangers of Democrats not coming home?  The legislative branch won’t be able to repeal current laws on the books!  A glance at any legislative term shows that there is always a net increase in new legislation.  Repealing is not a habit of the legislature.  If Indiana’s legislative body starts acting again, we can only look forward to more uncertainty, more regulation, and more liberty reduction.  If you are not a fan of liberty… well who cares, we’ll foist it upon you.  You obviously like being coerced.  If you’re a selective fan of liberty… you suck at life.

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