Accolades Facebook!

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Facebook is a company that is valued at 25 billion dollars. It has a huge piece of economic pie. With all of that accumulated wealth they have achieved, one would expect there to be riots in the street. These riots would be caused by the unfair command of resources that facebook has come to possess. But the fact is that there are no riots in the streets and people don’t notice at all the command of resources that facebook has in relation to them says something about facebook. Why do they not notice this? Because facebook improves our lives. All of our lives.

It is true that electronics and technology in general have dramatically improved our lives. Video games allow us to experience things that are prohibited in real life or unobtainable to most people. One can become as heroic or villainous as one wants, depending on the video game, depending on mood. Every piece of technology and widely accepted innovation has incredible life enhancing features. What does facebook do for us?

The greatest part of facebook is its capacity to give people information that they desire. It facilitates the social process of finding a partner, finding political collaborators, spreading ideas, voicing opinions, spreading news, and associating with friends from a distance. In the past one had to be a very wealthy person to socialize with friends in all 50 states, if the opportunity to have that many friends could arise in the first place, but now it is all on facebook. Needing to dedicate undivided time to a single friend is unneeded and a bit wasteful in light of facebook. Phone calls are a time waster of the past.

Some critics of facebook worry about privacy. How do I know that? I saw it on a thread in some libertarian group I am in on facebook. The total idiocy of this thinking is similar to the idiocy that would be displayed if someone stapled a picture of themselves up in a public area and were frustrated when people looked at it. But yes, even facebook helps spread the message of its own privacy features, and not on purpose.

The ingeniousness of facebook is that it facilitates spontaneous order. Facebook is simply a framework for people to meet their desires in ways they themselves choose. One no longer has to go to college to get into late night discussions about epistemology and metaphysics! You no longer have to attend conferences to talk to your favorite scholars or figure out what news they are reading or what is important to them. You can hit on girls who have similar esoteric interests as you but live far away. Facebook will even suggest you become friends with those who can and will advance your career.

So I say.. critics should shut up. Go cry your paranoid eyes out to Alex Jones…. whose computer is watching him. I love facebook!

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