Top 10 2010 Blog Posts

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I think number one is number one for a good reason.  When I started blogging I had to look no further than Indiana to find that cops were abusing their power over everyone.  When we see the direct abuse over children the argument for our current system of law enforcement deteriorates dramatically.  The “sea of blue” cheered the aggressor who beat up a young child in view of many witnesses.  This is certainly sick and disgusting.  Read the post to get the details.

The second place blog post is about WikiLeaks and is titled after a famous quote by Ron Paul.  Number five was one of my first blog posts and number eight is the one I spend the most time on.



1.  Indiana Children Abused by Cops
2.  Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies
3.  A Brief History of U.S. Education Subsidies
4.  Do the Rich Really Create Jobs?
5.  Mayor Greg Goodnight- King of Kokomo
6.  Shut Up And Take It: We Can Steal From You, But Don’t Rally For It Back!!!
7.  Beware Foreign Free Marketeers!!! You Are “Problematic” to United States Foreign Policy!!
8.  The Infrastructure Debate; How Bailouts Destroy American Ingenuity
9.  Social Democracy vs. Capitalism: Sweden and the U.S.
10.  Truth is What Government Experts Say it is


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