Indiana Prison Population at Crisis Levels

Posted on December 2, 2010 by


As Indiana imprisons more of its population at the behest those willing to trade their liberty for an illusion of security, a budget crisis looms.  Reports Nicki Kelly from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

In the last 20 years, lawmakers have amended the criminal code 107 times to either add new crimes or lengthen the prison sentences of existing crimes.

It may be time for Indiana legislators to take a look at what matters.  Violent criminals should be in jail, no doubt, but what about the criminals who have done no harm to anybody but supposedly themselves?  Casual smokers of marijuana, prostitutes, solicitors of prostitutes, etc.  Shouldn’t we think about releasing these people, as low-class and vile as they may be, instead of waiting for the entire system to go bust and risking the bankruptcy of the state.

Institutionalized property theft to ameliorate property theft, thought crimes, and victim-less crimes, seem to be a relic of the past… a past where legislators goal was to create a moral society rather than let people make their own choices about morality.  As the budget crisis hits, however, lawmakers may become de facto libertarians.