Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies

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The greatest robbery of all time occurred when the congress and executive branch conspired together with bankers to relieve taxpayers of wealth and purchasing power.  Entitled “Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008” initially and finally passed as “Troubled Asset Relief Program,” this bill amounts to the printing and giving away of a lot of unearned money to banks who were fooled by distorted market signals caused by the Federal Reserve.  Now, however, among other things WikiLeaks is doing, we may be able to find out to what extent at least one of these banks conspired with these branches of government.  WikiLeaks plans to release documents that Julian Assange thinks could lead to an investigation.

It’s one thing to expose military secrets but Assange is treading into dangerous territory by messing with a corporate parasite’s money stream.  Already some congressmen are calling for the labeling WikiLeaks as a terrorist organization.

The lure for power over people has never been greater but organizations like WikiLeaks are undermining that power and exposing the truth of which websites like have been reporting for years.  Reading through these leaked diplomatic cables has been an eye opener for me.  We live in a class society of the government versus the governed where the governed have what Marx called a “false class consciousness” in their fervent defense of their overlords.   Not only does our government feel entitled to lord over us in this country but their attitude towards other countries is nothing short of the attitudes the landed aristocracy had over serfs in Ken Follett’s book “Pillars of the Earth.”

Bradley Manning, a Private First Class who is suspected to have leaked this information, has government sycophants calling for his death on Facebook.  These people are the subservient fools who are the closest examples in history of what Marx called those with a false “class consciousness.”  Before I continue, I am not a fan of Karl Marx.  I prefer the likes of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises over the absolute failure of Marxism, his class theory, his exploitation theory, and his labor theory of value.  I am more advocating what Glenn Greenwald writes about at

People will continue their infatuation with the ruling class and treat them like humanity has always treated them.  The only voices that matter in our society are the landed gentry, the elitists, the politically privileged, and the political rent capturing wealthy (again, not a propagation of Marxist rent theory… but public choice “rent seeking” theory).  As in Shakespearian tragedies, if you are a lowly governed person, not a mover or shaker in the political ream, you are relegated to obscurity with little to no voice in society……… UNTIL NOW….. the internet has made us powerful.

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