Beware Foreign Free Marketeers!!! You Are “Problematic” to United States Foreign Policy!!

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The WikiLeaks keep getting scarier and scarier for those who love freedom. As I find stuff that worries me quickly posting it up on my blog just in case WikiLeaks gets shut down.

Diplomatic Cables concerning the FDP or “Free Democratic Party” out of Germany say….. “a future German government that includes the FDP could be problematic.” Why would this party be problematic? This is what the document describes the party as:

The FDP defines itself as a independent pro-business party, advocating low taxes, open trade, and minimal government intervention in business and private life. The party promotes European liberalism, championing freedom and individual responsibility under a government “as extensive as necessary, and as limited as possible.” The FDP’s limited government viewpoint shapes their views on counterterrorism policy. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks and in reaction to a number of terrorist plots uncovered in Germany, successive German governments have passed a series of legislative packages that have strengthened Germany’s counterterrorism legal frameworks and broadened the investigative powers of law enforcement agencies. The FDP, which was not a member of these post-9/11 governing coalitions, regularly criticized these amendments for infringing on citizens’ personal privacy rights. The FDP’s criticisms of security-related data sharing agreements have also extended to the U.S.-Germany bilateral “Pruem-like” agreement to share personal information on serious crime and terrorism suspects (ref C), the U.S.-EU Passenger Name Recognition (PNR) initiative, and elements of the Visa Waiver Program that involve sharing information on travelers.

Why are busy body bureaucrats spending so much time in German Politics? Maybe they want to influence the elections or install their own government. They claim that their policies are “constructive” and that the policies of free markets are “irresponsible.” I guess killing 60k + civilians (really lowballing that number) in Iraq now constitutes responsible and constructive policies. Harassing the citizenry of the United States by groping children, taking nude photos of people, and harassing pregnant women are CONSTRUCTIVE and having free trade is not?!?!?

As more controversial stuff gets disseminated with this new WikiLeak release we’ll see more outraged placed where it is due…. Aimed at our government. This is INCREDIBLE!!!!



As I keep reading on the subject I find more and more fodder for this blog.  TFTP is the “Terrorist Finance Tracking Program” which the Freedom Democracy Party had good reason to oppose.  The New York Times was almost prosecuted under the Espionage Act of 1917 for simply publishing information about how the government was failing to follow the 4th amendment while executing warrant-less wiretaps.  I’ll post some interesting stuff below that I am copying from these “classified” documents.  Hopefully I am not accused of being a spy as I learn about how terrible the government is.

"This week's TFTP vote demonstrates that we need 
to intensify our engagement with German government 
interlocutors, Bundestag and European parliamentarians and 
opinion makers to get our views across.  We need to also 
demonstrate that the U.S. has strong data privacy measures in 
place so that robust data sharing comes with robust data 

"First, the debate was not just about TFTP.  Germans across 
the political spectrum adamantly support data protection ) 
whether it has to do with Passenger Name Records, Google,s 
supposed &monopoly8 on data searches, or individual credit 
ratings.  Recent scandals in which major firms such as 
Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn illegally tapped phones or 
files of tens of thousands of employees and customers 
reinforced Germans, concerns about the misuse of data 
technology.  Historical memory also plays a part, as stories 
about how the Stasi abused information to destroy people,s 
lives still regularly circulate in the press.  Paranoia runs 
deep especially about U.S. intelligence agencies.  We were 
astonished to learn how quickly rumors about alleged U.S. 
economic espionage ) at first associated with the new U.S. 
air passenger registration system (ESTA), then with TFTP ) 
gained currency among German parliamentarians in the run-up 
to the February 11 vote in Strasbourg.  Moreover, the fact 
that the libertarian Free Democratic Party (FDP) made data 
privacy a central plank of the pact with its coalition 
partners, the CDU/CSU ) and more importantly, captured the 
Justice Ministry ) made it very difficult for TFTP advocates 
like Interior Minister de Maiziere to speak up.  None of this 
may excuse the behavior of certain German MEPs, but it says 
something about the challenge ahead."