Who’s Afraid of the TSA? (Lots of Links!)

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Apparently not Tyler Cowen according to his blog. Dr. Cowen says “When it comes to airports, some high MU of money users will be better off as a result of TSA abuse; it will lower the price of flights.  Personally, I’m happy to put up with the practices if it means less congestion in the airport security line.” It’s not quite apparent to me what he means by “MU” but he may be referring to marginal utility as he is blogging for “Marginalist Revolution.” So, wealthy subsidized and protected college professors whose money has little marginal value, gain a lot from shorter lines and cheaper prices (shorter lines mainly). Who suffers from these TSA practices? Cowen must think there is some dis-economies of scale going on or something.

Not only do these TSA policies have a lot of direct affect on people but there is a new study out showing that discouraged fliers who drive instead of fly will die at an increased rate of 500 per year, more than Al Qaeda can possibly kill. Not to worry, it is only the modest of society that will die, not overpaid college professors. Another good blog on the subject can be found here.

Okay, so the TSA is a bunch of urine obsessed, child raping, child groping, child humiliating, baby stealing, drug using, 4th amendment violating, easily offendable, child pornagraphers… but Tyler Cowen’s airport experience is enhanced. Time for a change (of TSA policy.. not Tyler Cowen in particular :)).

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