The Worst Person in the World! The Exception to Non-Aggression!

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Much economic theory in multiple schools of thought is built on the notion that violence should not be used to change the direction of people’s decisions if you want to optimize utility in an economy.  However, there are many exceptions.  For example, if one were to murder or use aggression against another person then they themselves would forfeit their right to not be a victim of aggression.  Now, this latter point doesn’t come from a theory of economics itself but is often the value laden prescription that economists gives in formulating a proper criminal justice system.  It is not necessarily in the purview of economics to suggest a proper criminal justice system but only to analyze the consequences of the use of force in society (this is a single element of economics, not the entire discipline).  Most theories of economics assume people are free to act and show how actions change when they are not free to act.  I am not here to advocate the use of violence… but am tempted to.

A libertarian believes, and is often influenced by economic theory, that violence which isn’t retaliatory in nature is illegitimate.  For example, a preemptive war against another nation would constitute the illegitimate use of violence.  However, Saddam Hussein in Iraq DID use violence so he DID forfeit his right not to be the victim of aggression.  Killing Saddam Hussein is a justifiable use of violence from the philosophical libertarian position.  However, taxing people to fund the death of Saddam Hussein is NOT justified by this theory.

The subject of this blog, however, is about Michael Crook and not Saddam Hussein.  As far as I know, Michael Crook never harmed anyone with the use of force.  He has never harmed anyone materially with the use of fraud (this is slightly debatable actually.. but let’s just assume).  So, what has he done that justifies the title I am giving this blog?!/michael_crook/status/3780495838027776

Michael Crook is the exception that proves the rule of non-aggression, or rather, he is a product of the institutionalized aggression of the state that shows the total degradation of society at the hand of the state.  Having his daughter taken away by the state makes this guy angry at others who have children, especially if they have cancer.  He claims that those parents should stop whining about their kids and then he hopes the kids die.  He purchases domain names to make fun of rape victims and then he sells them to the highest bidder.  He takes advantage of traffic accidents that teens gets involved in by creating facebook pages memorializing a dead teen, invites their family and friends to join, then sends out e-mails talking about how stupid and irresponsible the dead teens were.

Making fun of the dead is his claim to fame.

Check out some of his terrible escapades:


To find out more about this creep check out this website.

The title of this blog post is misleading.  I do not support the initiation of force against anyone.  If someone else initiates force then the use of force is justified.  However, Michael Crook is a product of the state.  Even if it was not provable in any way that he initiated the use of force against anyone.. I would not defend him or his “right” to speech.  I would defend blacklisting hims as a town did the crazies from Westboro Baptist Church in Oklahoma.  I don’t support the war effort at all but protesting at a funeral is beyond comprehension for anyone.

Yes, this is my nomination for the worst person in the world!!!

Find out more about this creep.



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