Indiana Children Abused by Cops

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A man walked out of a Civilian Merit Police Board to what was described by WISHTV8 news as a “sea of blue” and “thunderous applause,” having been cleared of guilt after using what was considered lethal force against a 15 year old Brandon Johnson.  Two officers held the arms of this boy while Officer Piland, the object of the applause, used his knee to smash the boy’s face causing his left eyelid to swell shut. “This is what it’s about, this is what we’re about” said Officer Piland, ironically, to the group of police officers who were there to support him.

Tender Teddies Daycare called the police in order to get help with an unruly 94 lb. ten year old boy.  After the boy started calming down, according to 6 news report, Captain William Jennings slapped the boy’s face escalating the situation.  Officer Darren Johnson then tazed the boy as things started getting out of control.

We are told by those who know best that we should praise the men and women in blue because they are there to serve and protect.  My daughter, a 5 year old going to a public school in Tipton, Indiana, receives visits from these police officers so they can brag about all they do for the community.  However, facts are facts.

Our current police system is a monopoly, held by our government, not open to competition.  In a country that was built on property rights and free association we are forced to pay the paychecks of these men and women in uniform or go to jail.  Schoolteachers know where their paychecks are coming from and who enforces these wealth transfers in society.  It is not surprise that they inculcate children with this message.  This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Economists of our day create models in order to figure out which incentives will make subservient workers more productive so government parasites can transfer wealth from productive people, keeping government class economists in business.  College Professors make the argument for the need of the state, because of so called “market failure,” even as their tenure guarantees them government funds for life.

What would happen if our domestic defense was open to competition?  We may end up seeing something never heard in the same sentence as police; customer service.  Instead of police crossing property lines to arrest you for resisting arrest you may actually come across police who are congenial and truly concerned for the protection of your property.  Without having the ability to plunder your property through institutionalized theft, another name for taxation, a police officer would have to earn his revenue in society by providing a valuable service.

As a legally granted monopoly of domestic defense, the government has every incentive to raise prices and lower output.  We pay police a lot to protect out property and what they end up doing is arresting people for committing crimes that harm no one.  The United State has 5 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of the prison population.  We are imprisoning each other, taxing each other, and propping up a failed police state that we are expected to respect.

Instead of good customer service, what we get in return for our tax money is the butt end of a sense of entitlement that police officers claim as their right.   There has to be a better way.

Get rid of the monopoly!  Let the free market take care of the defense needs of the people.  The market takes cares of the needs and wants of individuals through a process of self-adjustment and coordination we call the price system.  People choose the goods and services they want and bid up or down the prices based on the value they see in those services.  No longer will we have abusive cops, but cops who want jobs and who need to pander to customers by providing a service rather than fuel their fetish for beating our children.

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